Evolution – Body Painting Series

With months of hard work, I can’t be more excited to share with you my first body painting series – “Evolution”. And I am proud to say that thanks to the spectacular team I worked with, three images from the series were selected and published in Vatra Magazine.

This series would not have been possible without the photographic talent of Mike Robinson or the amazing modelling ability of the gorgeous Naomi Campbell. Mike captured so many stunning shots of Naomi I just want to print them all out and frame them on my wall!

They both went above and beyond with this series and I could not be more grateful for all the hard work and effort that they put into shooting this series. Through icy cold water, wind and heat, they bore the brunt of it all, including putting up with some of my crazy pose and shooting ideas and waiting patiently until I finally finished working on the makeup and body painting.  Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate everything you’ve done and all the time that you’ve put into this shoot.

Just so you all know – Naomi is like a chameleon. I don’t know how she does it, but she has quite a knack for looking different in almost every single shot. Now that’s talent! And if she’s not busy morphing, she’ll crack you up laughing for sure! Loved working with you Naomi – Thank you so much for braving the weather for us and for the fun and humour you brought to the set. You were absolutely brilliant!

And Mike, well Mike is like an eagle – patiently and quietly waiting for his prey…until BANG!  The shoot’s done already. And so are the beautifully selected and processed images. And so is the magazine submission. Bang, Bang, BANG! All done. You really can’t get any better than that. You are GOLD Mike. You really are. Thank you so much for all your hard work and thanks for putting up with my pitifully unlicensed ass….(sadly I still can’t drive…and yes I tried, but poo I failed…lets just not go there). Mike, thank you so much for everything and for all your patience throughout the whole process. You’ve been absolutely amazing!

And without further ado, I present to you the Evolution…..

Simple and Stunning

Simple and stunning. That’s what it felt like to work with Mary Parker and Ashlee Whitfield. Simple not meaning ordinary and boring, but easy, warm and soothing. Mary is an amazing  photographer and Ashlee has one of the brightest most exquisite faces I have ever laid eyes on! They are both magical creatures from another world I tell you!

I had the best of fun working with these two gorgeous ladies and can’t thank you enough for having me as part of your team! Been chasing Mary for aaaages! You can tell from her work she is one of the most talented photographers we have here in lil ol Perthie. Check out her blog here. I can honestly spend all day just staring at her images. She is truly amazing. So glad to finally get to meet you Mary!

And Ashlee you are a true beauty. She’s so beautiful both on camera and in person its like being in the presence of an angel! (seriously no homo) This girl is a jaw dropper, and she’s fully capable of that without a speck of makeup on.

Tis aaaaalll love I have for these two beautiful ladies🙂 I hope I have the chance to work with you again soon! xx0

Check out what we produced, despite battling mosquitoes, changing locations (because those blood suckers were waaaaaaaay too into Mary for comfort…swarming around her by the dozens) and time running out with the fading light.

Exotic Fruit Body Painting

Can never have too much body painting and makeup-ing with the likes of Jeremy Phillips and Jasmine Lord!

So here we are at it again! With a burst of colour to brighten your day. And all I think about is fruit. All the bright citrusy flavours and colours of scrumptious juicy exotic fruit.

Makeup-ing with Talented Hex Photography

It’s always so exciting to find amazing artists out there to work with. I happened to chance upon meeting the very lovely Aston Futcher of Hex Photography, whom I had the opportunity to work with on a client. Anything with old school glamour with a hint of burlesque or pin up is LOADS FUN to be involved in! Check out the images from our shoot below.

Aston is wonderful to work with, provides brilliant direction to her clients and is very professional. Can’t wait to work with her again this week on a new shoot! Will be getting in touch with my dark siiiiiiiiiide and visiting a cemetry for a nice spooky backdrop. Let’s hope I don’t chicken out! haha🙂

A New Beginning

So it’s my birthdaaaaay today!!!!

And the past few days leading up to my birthday have been an absolute gift!!! I am so so happy and so excited🙂 Just started my new role this Monday as Marketing/Graphic design officer at a brilliant company full of amazing, sweet and friendly people and I am absolutely loving my work so far! I can’t wait to learn more and get into it🙂 The job, the company, the people are just amazing! I love it I love it I love it!

Last Saturday I had loads of fun completing two photoshoots –  was involved in a body painting shoot as well as one for a private client🙂 I have been having so much fun with all my activity and couldn’t possibly LOVE LIFE more right now🙂 I feel like my life is just beginning and like I’ve been reborn again! (yes I know it sounds corny but WATEVA! :P)

I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends, mentors, and family who have all been so loving, supporting and caring of me and who have helped me survive the past two decades of my life lol. Thank you to all those who have helped me learn, grow and develop into a better person. And thanks to all the brilliant creatives out there who have supported me upon entering into the creative industry; who have inspired me with their beautiful work and to all those wonderful people who I have had the opportunity to collaborate and work with. You lovelies all know who you are!

And last but not least – to celebrate my birthday with you all, here’s some eye candy from my body painting shoot which I had loooooads of fun doing!

Note: Please click to view enlarged version🙂

The stunning photography is courtesy of Mike Robinson. The images are GORGEOUS!!!

Modelling is courtesy of my sweet and ever so beautiful friend Rachel Oliver. Tis extremely important to mention that Rachel is an amazing amazing model. She has a natural knack for modelling, moving into brilliant poses one after the other. You’re a diamond Rachel! Though Rachel isn’t just an amazing model, but also an amazing makeup artist. A BIG BIG congratulations to her on landing her role at top makeup brand MAC cosmetics at Garden City. If you’re looking to buy some gorgeous MAC cosmetics, do visit my lovely friend there, she is extremely sweet and will be happy to help you out!

Big MEGA thanks to both Mike and Rachel for their wonderful work !!

And happy birthday to me!🙂



Lady In Red

So I thought it was about time I shared a few new photos🙂

These images are from the photoshoot I organised with lovely ladies:

Natalie Blom – providing stunning photographic capture and post-editing

Tess Crothers – she be the Lady in Red you see🙂

Rebecca Di Lucia – red dress treasure hunter!

Maryse Trainer – creative assistant!

For this photoshoot, I provided the creative direction and did the makeup and hair.

I had a brilliant time collaborating with the aforementioned ladies, they truly are amazing! Everyone did an amaaaaaazing job and was such a pleasure to work with – honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better team!

This was a concept I had been organising for a long time and I am truly so happy with the results so far. Could definitely not have done it though, without help from the rest of the talented team.

So a very sincere thank you to you ladies for your brilliant efforts🙂


Project Thursday January 12th 2012 Plan

Theme: Soft, romantic, fairytale, girl in the woods/water photoshoot

Creative Director/Makeup Artist: Larissa Nguyen
Photographer: Natalie Blom
Stylist: Rebecca Di Lucia
Model: Tess Crothers

Schedule: Thursday January 12, Team to arrive at 4:00pm on location
12:00pm Model to arrive MUA’s home for makeup/hair and styling for first outfit.
3:00pm Model and MUA set out for photoshoot location.
7:00/7:30pm Estimated shoot end time.

Dominant Location Colours:
  • Green, brown, yellow

Styling and Prop Notes:

  • 3 outfits: 1 flowy white dress, 1 long deep red dress, 1 short pale gold dress for water
  • Model brings thin strappy silver sandals
  • MUA bringing white flowy fabric
To be determined:
  • Where to find petals, and flowers to float in the water?
  • Can we get a flower head wreath or any head jewellery?
Other: MUA bringing towels + blankets for model + snacks for team
Photography Notes:
  • How to ensure that fabric flies up in the air if there is no wind?
  • Dry land images to be shot first prior to water images

Reference Images